Bojan – first training session with Stoke…

Bojan – a day in the life at Barca training…..

9.35am: Light warm up, few stretches, bit of ball work then shooting practice with Messi.

10.20am: Quick break and into individual drills and skills. Neymar effortlessly strings together 100+ keepy-ups with a dozen tricks thrown in for good measure.

11am: Into a 5-a-side knockabout. Xavi, Iniesta, Messi & co. knock the ball around effortlessly. One touch stuff all round. Give and go’s, pass and move; tiki-taka at it’s very best…..

11.30: End of session, shower, home.

Bojan – a day in the life at Stoke training…….

9.35am: Light warm-up and into a quick knockabout. Bojan plays a quick ball into the feet of Palacios before moving into space for the return pass. Wilson notices the run but applies a bit of “outside the box thinking” and deploys a shit first touch instead, making his second an attempted tackle. Wilko wins the 50/50 with a chin high, studs up challenge and leaves Palacios in a crumpled heap; Wilko eagerly turns to Huth “I got him Dad, I really really got him!”….. Bojan shakes his head silently, a quick shrug of the shoulders and a pained look of disappointment etches across his face…

10.15am: During a drinks break Bojan gets chatting to Shotton. “So, are you a ball playing midfielder, a goal-scoring match winner or a majestic defender that oozes class?” Shotton, looking completely bemused by the question, quietly turns, picks up a ball, and like an absolute fucking boss, hurtles it 50 yards through the air. Bojan’s head drops silently with a look of devastation, like a man that’s just found out his daughter is dating an Arsenal fan…

10.40am – Hughes pulls Bojan to one side for a quick word, “Are you ok son?” You look a bit unsettled” …… “I’ve just seen Huth kill a goal post boss, Jon’s been doing a bleep test for 3 friggin’ hours and Brek’s just turned up late with a pair of fucking rifles in his hand, I haven’t a clue what’s going on….”

11.30am – Bojan hits the changing room after a traumatic first day in camp. Seemingly down in the dumps, he finds solace in the fact it can’t get any worse and the only way is up….

11.31am – Bojan finds a set of pigs bollocks in his locker….

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2 Responses to Bojan – first training session with Stoke…

  1. Tony Cottrell says:

    Missed out the oatcakes break!

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